Saturday, November 20, 2010

ITDevCon 2010

ITDevCon has finished almost a 24 hours ago but I was simply too tired to write anything about it until now. In short – great event!

There was close to 50 participants and sessions were in most cases nicely filled up. Three tracks were running in parallel and sometimes it was quite hard to choose the most interesting session. I was quite sad as I was not able to see any of Alexander Alexeev’s sessions on debugging (the first one overlapped with my own session and in the second case seeing Ray Konopka speaking of user interface design trumped all other options). Besides Ray session which was definitely the best on the ITDevCon (Ray told me to say so ;) ) I have to mention Paweł’s expose on DataSnap and Thierry’s multitouch session which were both very interesting.

I was delivering three talks, one on FastMM and debugging and two on OmniThreadLibrary. Slides and source code are available on my blog (click the Presentations link on the left).

Organization was spot on (and so was the excellent Italian food :) ) – great thanks to BitTime for setting up the event!

Fabrizio Bitti
Opening keynote by Fabrizio Bitti
opening session
Just moments before the opening session
Speaker panel – sadly you can’t see Josè Leòn Serna who was sitting next to me
Ray Konopka
Ray Konopka doing double work – as a speaker and representative for Raize Software
Cary Jensen
Cary Jensen
Marco Cantu
Marco Cantù
Pawel Glovacki
Paweł Głowacki
Thierry Laborde
Thierry Laborde …
… and his 30+ inch multitouch panel
OTL audience
The audience of my “Parallel Programming Made Easy” session
večerja za predavatelje 
Pre-conference dinner for Speakers, Sponsors & Staff
organizers at lunch
BitTime team (part of it) during well-deserved lunch

All pictures taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5. This camera rocks!


  1. Anonymous17:15

    Hi Primoz.
    Thank you for your excelent sessions on FastMM and Omnithread. I hope I will se you again. Maybe at some Swedish event? =)


  2. If you'll invite me, I'll come :)

    BTW, I have a better answer for your question about server-like TOmniWorker vs. connection pool implemented with threads. If you implement conncetion pool with OnThreadCreate then you don't have to implement server functionality in the TOmniWorker. Each scheduled task can be a simple, one-shot background task.

  3. Hi Primoz!
    Your talks was very instructive and interesting.