Tuesday, November 17, 2009

OmniThreadLibrary 1.04 now in beta

I’ve released OTL 1.04 beta, which is functionally the same as the alpha release but contains some bug fixes. You can download it from Google Code.

1.04 final will be released on 2009-11-23, i.e. next Monday.


  1. Vidok13:37

    >> 1.04 final will be released on 2009-11-23

    With the help file and well-documented code? ;-)

  2. Of course not! :)

    Documentation will appear post-1.04 and will be represented as Wiki.

    Help file can be built by interested user(s). I have no such intentions.

    As for the documents - I'm always documenting my code, but only at the places where documentation is required for better understanding ...