Friday, October 03, 2008

Bulk update

Delphi 2009 was released so now it’s time to publish updates to my various units … In this article I’m just publishing the short changelog; you can expect more details on some enhancements (TGpJoinedStream, 4- and 8- aligned integer, Unicode support in GpStructuredStorage) in the near future.

DSiWin32 1.41

  • Compatible with Delphi 2009.
  • Created DSiInterlocked*64 family of functions by copying the code from Functions were written by Will DeWitt Jr and are included with permission.
  • New functions DSiCopyFileAnimated, DSiConnectToNetworkResource, DSiIsHtmlFormatOnClipboard, DSiGetHtmlFormatFromClipboard, DSiCopyHtmlFormatToClipboard, DSiYield.
  • Forced {$T-} as the code doesn't compile in {$T+} state.
  • Bug fixed: It was not possible to use DSiTimeGetTime64 in parallel from multiple threads

GpHugeFile 5.05a

  • Optimization: Under some circumstances, lots of unnecessary SetFilePointer calls were made.

GpLists 1.41

  • Works with Delphi 2009.

GpStreams 1.25

  • Added TGpJoinedStream class.
  • Span-storing class can now be modified via TGpScatteredStream.SpanClass.
  • TGpScatteredStream's AddSpan and AddSpanOS now return span offset in the span list.
  • Added bunch of BE_ overloads to the TGpStreamEnhancer class.
  • Small optimization in KeepStreamPositionWrapper destructor.

GpStructuredStorage 2.0

  • Works with Delphi 2009.
  • Added Unicode support to the underlying storage. File and folder names are stored in UTF-16, as are attribute names and values. API is still based on Delphi's 'string' type - meaning that values are converted to Unicode and back on the fly using the current locale.
  • Existing structured storage files will be upgraded automatically if they are not open for readonly access. Applications, compiled with GpStructuredStorage 1.x will not be able to read new/upgraded files. Version is incremented to when 1.x file is opened unless it is opened in readonly mode. Newly created storages have version

GpStuff 1.13

  • Implemented 4-aligned integer, TGp4AlignedInt.
  • Implemented 8-aligned integer, TGp8AlignedInt.
  • Added function OpenArrayToVarArray, written by Thomas Schubbauer.
  • ReverseWord/ReverseDWord rewritten in assembler (by GJ).
  • Declared MaxInt64 constant.

GpSync 1.21

  • Added optional external message counter to the message queue.

GpTextFile 4.01

  • Added TGpTextFile.Write(ws: WideString) and TGpTextFile.Writeln(s: string) overloads.
  • TGpTextFile.Write[ln] string parameters made 'const'.
  • Bug fixed [found by AKi]: TGpTextFile.Write was not working when using CP_UTF8 codepage.

GpTextStream 1.06

  • Works with Delphi 2009.
  • Exported StringToWideString, WideStringToString, and GetDefaultAnsiCodepage.

GpVersion 2.02

  • Added another CreateVersion overload.
  • Extended IVersion interface with IsHigherThan and IsLowerThan.

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