Friday, August 22, 2008

OmniThreadLibrary 1.0 beta

Hello, my dear readers. Two weeks I spent there


but sadly I'm back now. Crying

My bad, your win - today I made last scheduled modification to the OTL sources and published version 1.0 beta. [snapshot, repository]

Underlying message format is no more based on Variants. TOmniValue is now a smart record with some implicit operators. In some cases that would cause more typing (using .AsInteger and similar) but in some other cases (when sending interfaces and objects) TOmniValue is now much simpler to use. Even more, it is slightly smaller and slightly faster.

There were also some changes in the TOmniEventMonitor component which now uses hash to access monitored tasks/pools. The old version was implemented with TInterfaceList and that could get quite slow if working with large number of tasks.

[BTW, I checked the code with Tiburon and it's working without a glitch.]

I've also started to work on the support infrastructure, namely the forum. Home page, FAQ and documentation will also appear - all in due time.