Monday, June 23, 2008

TDM Rerun #9: My Data Is Your Data

There is no multiprocess solution without data sharing. If you have to do something useful and need more than one application to do it, you need a way to share data between those applications.

- My Data Is Your Data, The Delphi Magazine 88, December 2002

In TDM #88 my synchronisation & sharing theme continued with an article on shared memory. The article first demonstrated how shared memory can be implemented with file mapping Win32 API and then proceeded with the description of a wrapper that simplified this operation. This wrapper also added some useful extensions, as are text, stream and array access to the shared memory.

GpSharedMemory is still alive and well and used in many projects. Since the 2002 article it gained resizable shared memory, shared stream support and shared linked list.

Links: article (PDF, 60 KB), source code (ZIP, 50 KB), current GpSharedMemory unit

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