Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do you need a lightweight XML parser/writer?

Then I would recommend OmniXML. It is a MSXML compatible XML parser/writer with full support for Document Object Model 1.1 specification. It is released under the Mozilla Public License 1.1 and comes with a full source code.

Some useful units are also included in the distribution - two different approaches to object persistency (OmniXMLPersistent and OmniXMLProperties), simple database persistency (OmniXMLDatabase), TIniFile-compatible interface (OmniXMLConf). A subset of XPath is also supported.

There are shortcomings, too. The most important is that you cannot verify XML document according to a XML schema. There is also no support for XML canonicalization.

Still, OmniXML is very useful when writing XML documents that stay inside a program (XML-formatted configuration files, data storage etc) or inside a component or pair of components (message exchange). For example, it is used in GExperts for data storage and I'm using it for storage and messaging.

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