Friday, June 23, 2006

GpProfile, encore

Once upon a time, there was a nice little profiler called GpProfile. Admittedly, it could be better, faster, and more user friendly, but I wrote it and I liked it. That was then.

But now, now is seven years later and that is in programmer's years, which is 49 normal years. Or something like that. And those years are showing, trust me if I tell you.

So there came a time to rewrite the damn thing from scratch. I'm a great fan of Office 2007 GUI and I like to have my internals modularized and organised (OK, not really my internals ...) so the new version will have a nice clean look and even nicer and cleaner source code.

Just for teaser, here is the old interface:
GpProfile 1.3

and here's the new one:
GpProfile 2.0 alpha


  1. Anonymous23:34

    What components you used to create the new version? It really fantastic!

  2. (Sorry for late reply - I failed to notice the comment when it was originally posted.)

    Basically, it is just a bunch of panels, TSpeedButtons and hand-painted gradients.

    I tried three or four different approaches and this one was the most flexible.